The Dangers of Unswept Chimneys

Chmney sweep antrim
Chimney fires are one of the most common incidents that Fire Brigades receive emergency calls for help to. Damage to properties usually includes loss of the roof, first floor or even the building being completely destroyed. It’s extremely important for anyone using coal fuel and open fires to have their chimney swept regularly by an approved Sweep.

The consequence or aftermath of a chimney fire isn’t simply the damage caused by the fire, there’s the dirt and smell from the smoke and soot which will likely render furniture and personal belongings unusable.

More than 70% of all fires are due to neglect of heating equipment.

Probably the main cause of chimney fires and other hazards is the build-up of wood creosote, a competent Chimney Sweep will of course remove this but it is important to remember to clear it on a regular basis.

Creosote build up in chimneys is dangerous as it is highly combustible – as it builds, the danger of a fire grows. Creosote will burn out of control, if left untreated it will either burn out or crack the chimney.